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Monday, January 25, 2016

Don't wait to the last minute. has a history of going down. Did you know as a licensed health insurance agent, I can enroll you, get your proper subsidy and you never have to look at the website?

Florida Blue (formerly known as Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida) has the lowest rates in most of Florida. Other companies have raised their rates or left the Marketplace all together while Florida Blue's rates have remained nearly unchanged. determines subsidies based on location, family size, age and income. In less than 10 minutes I can get you quoted and signed up. Give me a call at 407-494-1165 or fill out my online quote request form.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Delta Dental

I am appointed with Delta Dental to offer their plans. I found today that the coverage that I can offer has more benefits than what is shown on their website and there is no waiting periods for the HMO coverage because I can help someone enroll in our group coverage.

Coverage Highlights


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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dental Coverage with Florida Blue

Your teeth are strong, but can cause some of the worse pain that doesn't go away when you don't take care of them. Unless you already have Dental Insurance, there is a 6 month waiting period before the plan pays for anything major like crowns or root canals. Almost all plans have your routine checkups included at no charge.

Teeth are important to your body, so check out these 2 plans and click Quote Request to let me know that you want to move forward. I have embeded the brochure for each on this page and included a link to the PDF for each in the title.

Non-Qualified Dental (HMO)

Blue Dental Copayment (PPO)

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Confinement = Deductible Eliminator

During this open enrollment period, there are some great health insurance plans most people can get due to the subsidies from the government. I have seen some middle income families with higher incomes have to pay as much as $650/mo to get a health insurance policy without a deductible. That is very high considering they could get a policy with a higher deductible for around $230/month.

So I recommend anyone that doesn't typically use the health insurance more than preventative treatment to get a lower cost plan and cover up the deductibles and copays with supplemental coverage. Below I have embedded our Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Confinement plans.

You don't have to have our health insurance policy to take advantage of any or all of these plans. And each plan has a Wellness Benefit that pays you just to get your annual checkup which is included in your health insurance plan at no cost to you. You can click on each plan to download the PDF on the plan. USAble Life is a subsidiary of Florida Blue.

If interested in any or all, please fill out the Quote Request form from one of the links on this page.

Accident Plan

Critical Illness - Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, End Stage Renal Disease,...

Hospital Confinement

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Time is running out! Enroll by January 31st

I am working everyday to help people get enrolled for their health insurance for 2016. I had a young lady who felt compelled not only to not answer my phone call, but text me back that she didn't want to get coverage that cost $600/month that nobody took. The text conversation got a little heated, but she was basing this opinion on reviews that she read about Florida Blue. 

We all know that the bigger a company is, the more complaints as you can find complaints about every Wal-Mart and McDonald's. I explained to her that most people that I help get coverage pay less than $50/month for their coverage. As your agent, I will explain the different coverage and can look up doctors to find out who takes what. For example, Florida Hospitals are everywhere in Orlando and they do not take the MyBlue HMO plan. I let my customers know that if that is the lower cost plan in the area as you do not get that kind of advice when signing up through the website. 

I created her quote and emailed it to her. Below is a snapshot summary of it and you can click here for the full PDF link.

Submit a Quote Request and I will get working for you.

Hello Family and Friends

I'm a licensed insurance agent in Florida and It's now open enrollment time! 
*If you don't have insurance you will be fined $695.*
~If you don't understand the ACA, you're NOT alone~MOST PEOPLE DON'T!!! I can explain it and you'll see how it can benefit YOU. 
~If you or someone you know doesn't have insurance, is paying too much for your insurance and/or your deductible is too high, CALL/TEXT/EMAIL me! I can help and get your premiums, deductibles, etc down to as low as ZERO $0.00! (407) 494-1165 or .
~Share this status so people don't waste hours of their time online or on the phone with the marketplace, that's just silly.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Doing What is Right!

This text conversation let me know that I am doing the right thing helping people with their health insurance through the marketplace. This young lady has asthma and will now have coverage for only $25/mo starting in January.

I just sent the email Jazmin. I mispelled your last name on the attached file, but not on the application. Sorry. Thank you again. And please let me know if there is anyone else you would recommend I speak to.
40 minsvia Marcus Thomson
(386) 338-7361
Thank u very much I'm definitely going to do it. Now I just wait to hear from
(386) 338-7361 • 28 minsvia Google Voice
Yes, we will take care of that for you and your will receive it by Monday.
27 minsvia Marcus Thomson
(386) 338-7361
I appreciate it, I'm excited. I have asthma and have wondered what to do for a while now. Have a great night.
(386) 338-7361 • 24 minsvia Google Voice
You brought a tear to my eye. I can only imagine how worried you have been in the past. I am happy that I can help you. Good night.
22 minsvia Marcus Thomson
(386) 338-7361
I have about one puff left in an inhaler I've been saving haha. So I'm very glad u called.